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A collection of 10,000 Tron Doodles

Tron Doodles is a community-driven collectibles NFT project. Tron Doodle NFTs are made up with over a hundred exciting traits of faces, hair, hats, body and backgrounds. Each Tron Doodle is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) on the TRON blockchain.

Holding a Doodle allows you to participate in coordinating the Tron Doodles Community Treasury. This Treasury will be seeded with 1,000,000TRX after the public sale ends! Holders can vote for experiences, activations and campaigns that benefit the Tron Doodles.

The road map for Tron Doodles is collaborative and will be decided by Tron Doodle holders. With imaginative ideas, adequate resources and coordination, we believe we can bring Tron Doodles to every vertical of popular culture!

The Tron Doodles public sales opens on Thursday,January 20th PDT.

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The Tron Doodles Founders


Evan Keast

Also known as Tulip in the community, Evan is a Canadian-based product marketer and NFT consultant. Evan comes from Kabam Games (Net Marble), Dapper Labs, and CryptoKitties.


Scott Martin

Burnt Toast is the working alias for Scott Martin, a Canadian–based illustrator, designer, animator and muralist. Burnt's past clients include WhatsApp, Google, Snapchat, et al.


Jordan Castro

A blockchain builder since 2013. Poopie is known for bag holding and previously leading the CryptoKitties team at Dapper Labs.